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Special Orders will be taken through Sunday 12/20.

Every Holiday order will require a $50 deposit.

Please call 469-906-6420 for inquiries or to place an order.

Email orders can be sent to INFO@DEEPCUTSDALLAS.COM with the following:

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  • Preferred pick up date (12/19 - 12/24)

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Standing Rib Roast

Standing Rib Roasts are cuts most commonly associated with Prime Rib. These are the ultimate holiday roast; fatty, flavorful, ribeye on the bone. This is your crowd pleaser.

Portion Recommendations:​

  • 1 RIB (2-2.5lb. average) feeds 2-3 people



Your classic, full flavored Black Angus bite.


Go that extra mile with extra buttery, extra tender Texas-raised Wagyu.

Ask us to cut & tie your roast for no additional cost!
We can French your roast for +$2 per pound


Another Christmas classic; our beef tenderloin is the perfect roast for those seeking an extremely tender center of plate dish. This cut is best prepared by oven roasting at a medium (300°F - 325°F) oven temperature, then searing & basting with butter & herbs.

Portion Recommendations:

  • 8 OUNCES per person; 4-5lb. average for a full roast


Chateaubriand for Beef Wellington​ — $42.99/lb.


Chateaubriand for Beef Wellington — $64.99/lb.

All roasts come trimmed, tied, & oven ready!


D'Artagnan Half Ham — $6.99 PER POUND (8-10 lb. average)

​Smoked over Applewood without the use of nitrates, phosphates, or artificial injections.

Kurobuta Pork raised humanely on pasture without the use of antibiotics or hormones by a small collective of farmers dedicated to humane & sustainable methods.


Horseradish Sauce — $4.99 FOR 8 OUNCES

​House-made with love.

game birds & venison


Highest Quality

Goose — $15.99 PER POUND

Available Pound Range: 10-12 (serves 6-8)

​White Embden breed. Free range, antibiotic & hormone free.

Quail — $22.99 PER POUND

Four semi-boneless jumbo quail per pack.

Capon — $9.99 PER POUND (8-11 lb. average)

Bone-in Elk Ribeye Rack  $39.99 PER POUND (6-8lb. average)

Full flavored with beautiful burgundy colored dark red meat, our Frenched elk racks & chops are a shop favorite.

This lean cut is best prepared by letting it come to room temperature, giving it a heavy sear or broil, and cooking it to an internal temp of 135°F - 140°F for maximum flavor & tenderness.

Rohan duck

D'Artagnan's Exclusive Rohan Duck

A cross between the Heritage Mallard and Peking breeds, this duck has rosy pink meat and exceptionally mild flavor. They have been raised to exacting standards on small farms dedicated to all natural diets and humane animal welfare practices.

Whole Duck  $6.99 PER POUND (5 lb. average)

Duck Legs  $12.99 PER POUND (2 per package)

Moulard Duck Breast  $14.99 PER POUND

sausage & bacon

House-made Sausage

Made entirely at the shop using 100% humanely raised & sourced heritage breed hogs, all natural hog casings, and our own house blended recipes; our sausage is second to none.

Cranberry Pecan Links — $10.99 PER POUND 

Cranberries, pecans, crushed cloves, cinnamon.

Italian Pork Sausage — $6.99 PER POUND

Fennel, black pepper, garlic forward.

Holiday Sage Pork Sausage — $6.99 PER POUND (Bulk)

Sage sausage for stuffing; sage, black pepper, mace, nutmeg.

Nueske's Applewood Smoked Bacon — $11.99 PER POUND

Holiday favorite

d'artagnan lamb

Try with Fredericksburg Farms' Mint Jelly!

Australian Lamb

Tender young lamb with a mild flavor. Certified humanely raised raised & pasture roaming . 100% grass fed & grass finished.


Bone-in Lamb Shoulder — $14.99 PER POUND (5-7lb. average)


Boneless Lamb Shoulder  $16.99 PER POUND (3-5lb. average)

Frenched Racks of Lamb — $23.99 PER POUND

Each rack weighs on average 2-2.5 pounds with approximately 8 chops per rack.


Lamb Chops — $25.99 PER POUND

Semi-boneless Leg of Lamb — $14.99 PER POUND (7-10 lb. average)

Ask us to cut & tie your roast!


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