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Nathan Abeyta has been a butcher for many years. After apprenticing here in Dallas and working a few retail butcher jobs, he traveled the world to study with the experts of craft butchery. While traveling in Europe, Nate not only learned more about his craft, but also observed how the experts' shops were able to serve and support their communities in special ways.

Nate’s passion for food is evident in his fine smoked meats, handmade sausage recipes, and artful terrines. As mentioned elsewhere in "Our Story," that passion also extends to the procuring of his meats. He carefully vets his suppliers with health, safety, and animal welfare in mind; most importantly, he wants to bring his customers the highest quality locally raised meats. 


Supporting local ranchers, sourcing pasture-raised/free-range animals, and encouraging folks to seek out the finest quality meats for their meals is DCD's goal. Once you’ve tasted the difference between what’s commercially available from your traditional grocer and what Deep Cuts Dallas offers, you'll understand why Nate’s made the effort to share products like HeartBrand’s Certified Akaushi Wagyu Beef. Not only do you get a gorgeously marbled―and exceptionally tasty―steak, but you're also consuming something that's healthier for you.

With community, quality, and craftsmanship in mind; Nate Abeyta has sought to make DCD Custom Butcher Shop a weekly shopping destination for the families of North Dallas, Richardson, Plano, and the Metroplex.


Nate's the perfect guy for recommending dishes for dinner or special occasions. Come on in and meat the butcher himself!

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