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The Deep Cuts Philosophy


Our goal is to build lasting relationships with our customers by treating them like family. Through honest prices, transparent practices and wholesome food we seek to inspire the Dallas food community.


You could use terms like Artisanal or Craft Butcher to describe us. Unlike a Grocer, we focus solely on meats. There is a lot of pride, passion and hard work that goes into everything from our meat selections to the cuts we produce. Our butchers love their craft and it shows.


Deep Cuts Dallas works hard to source meat from sustainable farms with wholesome animal practices. It is our goal to educate and inspire our customers and vendors to value the practices we believe will sustain a healthy meat industry now and in the future.


We want to pay homage to the Old World butcher's art at the same time as finding new methods to improve meat industry practices, quality, and sustainability. We like to say Deep Cuts Dallas is a "progressive take" on the old traditions. 


Whole Animal Utilization Renders Produces Marvels Like Hand Made Sausage

There are countless ways in which retailers, farmers and individuals can work to make the practices of the food industry more sustainable. Whole animal utilization is exactly what it sounds like, making an effort to see that no edible meat goes unused. Once the steaks, chops, ribs, and flanks have been cut away; there's still desirable meat left behind. Many fine dishes dishes utilize these cuts.

Our favorite such product is handmade sausage. You'll find various flavors of hand crafted sausage at Deep Cuts Dallas. Come in and see what flavors we're mixing up this week!

"Excellent service means listening, engaging and building trust."

"I want to my customers to feel comfortable asking where the meat comes from, how to cook it or what it pairs with.  I love sharing my passion for food with anyone who will listen."

How To Find Us:

We're in the shopping center on the northwest corner of Belt Line and Coit. Look for the sign CUSTOM BUTCHER SHOP between the YouFit Gym and Ace Hardware.  

7989 Belt Line Road #146 Dallas TX 75248 


ADDRESS: 7989 Belt Line Rd #146   Dallas, TX 75248

Call: 469-906-6420 


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