Chef-curated seasonings & spices produced in

small batches with hand-picked ingredients.

• Ac - Ancho (Ground) - 2.2 oz.

Cu - Cumin (Ground) - 1.6 oz.

On - Domestic Onion (Granules) - 2.2 oz.

Ga - Imported Garlic (Granules) - 2.4 oz.

P - Smoked Paprika - 1.7 oz.

• NEW! Bb - Black & Bleu | Cajun & Bleu Cheese Rub - 4.3 oz.

Ch - Chile Margarita | Mexican Citrus Blend - 5.6 oz.

Ec - Cowboy Crust | Espresso Chile Rub - 4.4 oz.

Gf - Greek Freak | Mediterranean Blend - 4 oz.

• NEW! Jj - Jamaican Jerk | Smoky Jamaican Rub - 4.6 oz.

Kb - Korean BBQ | All-Purpose Rub - 4.4 oz.

• NEW! Lp - Pink Peppercorn Lemon Thyme | All Purpose - 5.4 oz.

Mw - Maui Wowee | Hawaiian Teriyaki Rub - 5.5 oz

• NEW! Nh - Nashville Hot Chicken | Seasoning - 5.3 oz.

• NEW! Ro - Rosemary Dijon | Rosemary Dijon Rub - 4.6 oz.

Ac, Cu, On, Ga, P - $7.99 each

Bb, Ch, Ec, Gf, Jj, Kb, Lp, Mw, Nh, Ro - $12.99 each

New Spiceology Rubs & Seasonings
New Spiceology Rubs & Seasonings

Mw - Maui Wowee
Mw - Maui Wowee

Hawaiian Teriyaki Rub

Kb - Korean BBQ
Kb - Korean BBQ

All-purpose Rub

New Spiceology Rubs & Seasonings
New Spiceology Rubs & Seasonings





Deep Cuts gift cards can be loaded with any dollar amount of your choosing.

Available for purchase inside the shop and over the phone (for in-store pick up).





All sausages are made fresh in house using natural hog casings and 100% heritage pork.

Jalapeño Garlic - $5.99/lb*(REG $7.99/lb) • Bratwurst - $4.99*(REG $6.99/lb)

Mild Italian - $6.99/lb  Habañero Black Bean - $9.99/lb  Kielbasa $6.99/lb

Smoked Bratwurst - $12.99/lb  Smoked Texan - $13.99


Krauts are made in house using fresh ingredients.

$3.99 each  8 ounces

Classic • Purple



Aussie Acres TX  Mt. Pleasant, TX


Our favorite eggs come from free roaming, pasture-raised hens that thrive on a non-soy, non-gmo diet. They're compassionately raised by our farming partner, Annette, from Aussie Acres TX.

$7.50 per dozen


Some of your Deep Cuts lunch favorites ready to take home and reheat.

House-made Barbacoa • $13.99/lb

Made using tenderloin chains, our Roasted Poblano Salsa, and a house Southwest seasoning blend.

Perfect for street or birria tacos. Try it with our Fresno or Shishito Pepper Hot Sauce for some heat.

Hickory Smoked Pulled Pork • $16.99/lb

Heritage Red Wattle and Duroc pork seasoned with our garlic pepper House Rub and slow smoked for 12 hours.

Pulled pork sandwich perfection. Try it with a drizzle of Best of Texas BBQ Sauce.


Hot sauces and salsas are made in house using fresh ingredients.

$4.99 each  8 ounces

Fresno Pepper Hot Sauce • Roasted Poblano Salsa