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Deep Cuts Dallas carries the highest quality Beef, Pork, Poultry, Sausages, Cured Meats and Cheeses,  in-house Smoked Meats and even Game.  Our stock changes often depending on  the seasons, what our local vendors have to offer or what our customers request of us. Here is a fun list of the cuts you'll see most often in our shop. 


RIBEYE STEAK – A well marbled, tender cut sliced from the rib, great for the grill or pan seared and finished in the oven.
TOMAHAWK -  the true “Cowboy Cut” Ribeye, we’ll give your steak a handle so you can eat it as you ride off into the sunset.
N.Y. STRIP – The “longissimus dorsi” is a particularly flavorful muscle that does little work and in turn is very tender, great for a quick sear on the grill. 
 T-BONE & PORTERHOUSE –  Both steaks are cut from the short loin of the animal, they comprised of the New York strip section and the Tenderloin filet separated by a “T”-shaped bone (the vertebrae); the Porterhouse contains the largest section of the tenderloin. 
BAVETTE – Sirloin flap meat, also known by the much prettier name Bavette, is a shop favorite; this cut eats/grills like a thick piece of skirt steak giving you the ability to cook it to a perfect medium rare; with lesser grades of beef this cut tends to get tough but with our Heartbrand Wagyu you’ll find superior marbling and tenderness. 
TOP SIRLOIN -  A boneless cut from right behind the longissiums dorsi, just in front of the round. Rich, meaty, and tasty, overcooking can result in a tough steak; cook to medium rare and slice thin. 
PICANHA –  This cut is known by many different names but has by far been most popularized out of Brazil where it prized as a lean, flavorful cut for roasting /grilling. Don’t worry we’ll leave the fat cap on. 
TRI TIP – Often confused with the Picanha, this triangular cut is arguably one of the tastiest and easiest grilling cuts on the cow, It does little work and sits on the inner portion of the sirloin butt. Tri-Tips have been hugely popularized on the West coast where they have been cooked in the “Santa Maria” style since the 1950’s. Don’t worry we’ll leave the fat cap on these guys too.     
FLANK – a lean, flavorful cut that takes well to marinating; grill and slice then against the grain.  
FLANKEN STYLE BEEF RIBS – Beef perfection, thin sliced beef plate ribs. Used as Mexican style “Tablitas” or, Korean Galbi, this is another shop favorite, They are meaty, fatty, full of great chewy connective tissue. Marinate and grill them hot and fast a    nd enjoy with a cold beer. 
TENDERLOIN FILET- A popular and extremely tender cut, often prepared as Filet Mignon, in order to retain the most flavor from this cut cook only until medium rare.  

WAGYU CHUCK ROASTS – Meaty, juicy and full of flavor this shoulder cut is perfect for a pot roast or slow roasting in the oven. Add some red wine for braising liquid, toss in some green onions. Later hit it with a reverse sear in the dutch oven for a classic, go to roast.

Bone-in AND BONELESS BEEF SHORT RIB – The beef equivalent of Spareribs, this cut is highly marbled and full flavored. These are sold in large sections for braising/smoking or cut thin for the butcher’s favorite: “Flanken Style” short rib. Marinate these and toss them right on the grill. 

TOP ROUND/STEW MEAT – Lean and full of flavor, our top round stew meat is an excellent addition to any stew. Call ahead and we’ll even slice it thin for your own home made jerky making project. 

PACKER/TRIMMED BRISKETS – The classic. We sell first cuts, points, and packers. Let us know how much you need, and we’ll trim it to your specifications.  Both  our Wagyu and Black Angus briskets are incredibly flavorful and perfect for the smoker. 

PACKER/TRIMMED BRISKETS – The classic. We sell first cuts, points, and packers. Let us know how much you need, and we’ll trim it to your specifications.  Both  our Wagyu and Black Angus briskets are incredibly flavorful and perfect for the smoker. 

Fresh Ground Beef




Beef Bones

CENTER CUT BEEF MARROW BONES – For your stock/broth making purposes as well as great treats for your dog, owe cut bones every week and package them for sale from our Grab n’ Go freezer. 

CANOE CUT MARROW BONES – Feeling fancy eh? Enjoy our long cut split femur bones, seasoned then roasted. This cut makes an appetizer to remember. 

BEEF OXTAIL – Oxtail is a bony, gelatin-rich meat, which is usually slow-cooked as a stew or braised. It is a traditional stock base for a soup. Oxtail provides superb body and flavor to any beef stew.  


BONE-IN PORK RIB CHOPS – As tasty as any steak, our thick cut, meaty pork chops are perfect for the grill or for your cast iron skillet. We cut each chop between the rib, resulting in the perfect juicy cut every time. 

BUTTERFLIED PORK CHOPS– Boneless butterflied pork chops for quick pan frying. Call ahead and we can dice, chop, stir fry or thin slice your boneless pork loin for you.   

BONELESS PORK TENDERLOIN – A very tender, flavorful roast that takes well to marinating then grilling. Pick them up in our sealed double packs or have our butcher grab you one from the case. 

Bone-in/Boneless Pork Shoulder (Boston Butt) – Coming from the “butt” end of the shoulder, this incredibly flavored roast is a staple of Southern BBQ. Cooked in the smoker for pulled pork, or cooked slow in a pot for Carnitas, there is 

PORK BELLY - Considered a delicacy all over the world, pork belly is the best thing you'll ever eat.  And yes - its basically a giant slab of bacon. Ask the butcher for his simple pork belly cooking methods. Or look at the internet for thousands of other clever ideas. It's probably the most popular meat on the planet. 

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