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Heritage Cheddar

Sartori • 7.99/7oz

Bold & distinct.

Pimiento Cheese

DCD House-Made • 7.99/lb

Spread or dip. Garlicy with notes of sharp cheddar & pimientos throughout.

Havarti with Dill

Daneko • 4.99/7oz

Havarti with a beautiful herbaceous touch of dill flavor

Blue Cheese

Daneko • 3.99/4oz

Extra creamy.


Beehive Cheese • 6.99/4oz

Rubbed with sea salt & honey.

The Drunken Goat

Mitica • 8.99/6oz

Semi-soft goat cheese bathed in red wine.

Sottocenere al Tartufo

Mitica • 23.99/lb

Semi-soft cheese studded throughout with slices of rich, black truffle.

Sliced Manchego

Ponce de León • 12.99/6oz

100% Manchega sheep's milk aged 3 months.

Bread Cheese

Carr Valley • 14.99/lb

Buttery & squeaky. Pan fry to caramelize the outside to form a tasty crust.

Creamy Havarti

Daneko • 4.99/oz

Semi-soft texture with a buttery, slightly sweet flavor.

Squeaky Bee Curds

Beehive Cheese • 4.99/4oz

Salty cheese curds.

Irish Whiskey Cheddar

McCall's • 7.99/7oz

Grassfed cheddar with flavors of whiskey, pecans, & butterscotch.

Farmhouse Cheddar

Sartori • 7.99/7oz

Extra sharp & rich.

Smoked Gouda

Van Kaas • 7.99/8oz

Naturally smoked over hickory wood.

Salami & Salumi

Pancetta Americano

La Quericia • 9.99/2oz

Delicate dry-cured pork belly.

Picante Spanish Chorizo

Palacios • 12.99/7.9oz

Seasoned with smoked paprika & dry-cured.


River Bear • 59.99/lb

Dry cured heritage breed pork loin rubbed with paprika.


River Bear • 19.99/lb

Beef brisket smoked with Pecanwood.

Habañero Orange Salami

River Bear • 14.99/~6oz

Uncured & made with heritage breed pork. No nitrites or nitrates added.

Genoa Salami

Olli • 14.99/6oz

Mild salami with Sangiovese wine.

Venison/Beef Summer Sausage

Broken Arrow Ranch • 15.99/lb

Made with classic summer sausage seasonings & cased in pork casings.

Genoa Salami

Fiorucci • 19.99/lb

Blended with mild spices & marinated in red wine.

Prosciutto Americano

La Quercia • 9.99/2oz

Made with heritage Berkshire pork & California sea salt.


River Bear • 57.99/lb

Dry cured heritage breed pork collar rubbed with seasoning.

Wagyu Bresaola

River Bear • 59.99/lb

Dry cured wagyu beef.

Calabrian/Vermouth Salami

River Bear • 14.99/~6oz

Uncured & made with heritage breed pork. No nitrites or nitrates added.


Olli • 21.99/lb

Seasoned with wine & paprika.


Olli • 14.99/6oz

Pepper & garlic salami.

Beef Summer Sausage

Usinger's • 6.99/8oz

Smoked sausage made with lean, coarsely ground beef.


Gordal Pitted Olives

Losada • 11.99/lb

Light in oil with a delicate flavor & firm, meaty texture.


Matiz • 6.49/6.5oz

Organic Empeltre olive spread.


Three Little Pigs • 9.99/lb

Baby sour gherkins pickled in vinegar & spiced the traditional French way.

Castelvetrano Olives

Olio & Olive • 9.99/8oz

Harvested young and cured in a salted brine. Buttery, meaty, and rich.

Smoked Paprika Almonds

Santa Maria • 8.99/4oz

Seasoned with hot smoked paprika.

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