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ground $16.99/12oz
D'Artagnan. Free roaming, no added antibiotics, no added hormones. Frozen.



elk heart $15.99/lb
Broken Arrow RanchFrozen.
elk Rib chops $45.99/lb
From Quebec, Canada. Lean and flavorful; cook to a rare, medium-rare to get the most flavor and avoid toughness.

ground elk $18.99/lb
Broken Arrow Ranch. Frozen.

ground venison $19.99/lb
Broken Arrow Ranch. Frozen.

venison tenderloin $29.99/12oz
D'Artagnan. Antibiotic free, farm raised, and free range. Comes in a package of (2) filets. Frozen.


Elk & Venison



Young rabbit $11.99/lb
D'Artagnan. Antibiotic free, no animal byproducts, and no artificial ingredients. Frozen.

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