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Applewood smoked bacon $11.99/lb
Smoky and super rich; we've searched far and wide and Nueske's might be the best bacon on this planet.
BabY back ribs $13.99/lb
We've got your baby back baby back baby back...
BELLY $10.99/lb
Considered a delicacy all over the world, a well cooked pork belly is one of the best things you'll ever eat. Ask your butcher for their simple pork belly cooking methods.
  • Skinless - $11.99/lb
Canadian Bacon $14.99/lb
Breakfast's 2nd best friend. Hit with a  pan sear and voila!

ground $9.99/lb
Produced in house using whole muscle shoulders.

Thick-cut and well marbled. Ask us to double-cut it for you.
  • Boneless / Butterflied Boneless - $14.99/lb

shoulder / boston butt $6.99/lb
Coming from the "butt" end of the shoulder, this incredibly flavored roast is a staple of Southern BBQ. 
  • Boneless - $7.99/lb
tenderloin $12.99/lb
A very tender, flavorful roast that takes well to marinating and grilling.
uncured Denver bacon $12.99/12oz
River Bear American Meats (Denver, Colorado). No nitrites or nitrates added, except for those naturally occurring in sea salt or cultured celery powder.

Heritage Pork

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