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DCD Now Open for Business!

Just in time for your weekend...

Deep Cuts Dallas Custom Butcher Shop is NOW OPEN!

Our special "Soft-Opening" hours are:

Friday & Saturday 9am-7pm

(This Weekend Only) Sunday 9am-5pm

Come in to Deep Cuts Dallas Butcher Shop and grab the first cuts of our pasture-raised, hormone & antibiotic-free meat.

We’ve got a fine selection of Tasty Weekend Grillers for you.

Nate the Butcher has brought in:

Prime and Choice Beef, Pork, Chicken and more!

This weekend’s featured product is:

Prime Wagyu Ribeyes, NY Strips and Tenderloins from 44farms®.

Check out this list of meats for your grill, stove, oven or crock pot:

Prime and Choice Beef:

• Briskets

• Chuck Roasts

• Ribeye

• NY Strip

• Tenderloin

• T-Bone

• Top Sirloin

• Milanesa

• Stew Meat

• Stir Fry Cuts


• Pork Shoulder

• Pork Chops

• Ribs

• Spare Ribs

• Hand Made Sausage

• Apple Wood Bacon

Pasture Roaming Chicken:

• Breasts

• Thighs

• Whole Roasters

• Cutlets

Also: Large Beef Marrow Bones, Beef Jerky, Locally Crafted Specialty Items like Vinegar, Spicy Catsup, Barbecue Sauce and much more.

We Are Meat! - Deep Cuts Dallas Butcher Shop

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