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DCD Weekend Line-Up

Deep Cuts Dallas Custom Butcher Shop carries premium, high quality, all-natural hormone and antibiotic-free meats that are often only seen on tables in the finest restaurants. Come in and feed your culinary passion.


Mishima Reserve 5-Star Wagyu Beef Back Ribs

Wagyu beef is said to be the most luxurious beef breed. Its unique marbling gives it's extraordinary taste and tenderness. The butcher says these are perfect for your smoker!

Sakura Duroc Baby Back Ribs

Named for the Japanese Sakura flower, this distinctively marbled pork is famous for being the juiciest and most tender pork available anywhere. These animals are raised in healthy, low stress environments and fed a vegetarian diet of locally grown corn and soybeans. The result is a superior quality meat.


Pork Bellies, Thick Cut Millionaire Bacon Steaks


Hand Crafted In-House - Crépinette Beef Chorizo

Our hand made, premium beef chorizo is actually quite lean, so we've wrapped it in Caul Fat, which gives it extra fat and savory flavor. Cooking tip: crack an egg over the nearly cooked chorizo - finish cooking and you've got a tasty breakfast fit for a king!

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