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Deli meats & charcuterie

This week, Chef Eddie B. shares some new flavors including a charcuterie board game-changer.

Now available: pastrami deli meat made in-house from High Plains Black Angus brisket. The thin slice allows you to taste both the brine and crust that create layers of flavor and texture. Notes of juniper berry, cinnamon, and cloves can be found throughout, turning your ordinary sandwich into the pastrami sandwich of your dreams.

His Porchetta di Testa (pictured) comes from a Blackland Prairie Red Wattle hog; its rich, silky texture pairs well with your typical arrangement of pickles, cheeses, and artisanal breads. It can be served at room temperature—observe the fat begins to glisten—or warmed up in the oven beforehand. Chef Eddie B. recommends trying it on a bao bun—yum!


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