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Boneless + skinless breasts $9.99/lb
Green Circle. Free range and certified humane without antibiotics or added water.

farm fresh eggs $7.99/doz
Cedar Ridge Egg Farm. Stress free and free range chicken eggs. 

These pasture raised chicken feet are perfect for making a nice gelatinous chicken stock. Frozen. 

leg quarters $5.99/lb
Green Circle certified humane.

thighs $6.99/lb
Green Circle. Skin-on and bone-in pasture raised chicken thighs. Frozen. 

whole bird $6.99/lb
Green Circle certified humanely raised and handled. Free range and without antibiotics or added water.

wings $10.99/pkg
Bell & Evans chickens are raised without antibiotics. Drums and flats are individually quick frozen without a marinade or any ice glaze. Frozen.




Breast $25.99/lb
D'Artagnan. Skin-on Magret duck breast. Frozen.

farm fresh eggs $8.99/ half doz.
Cedar Ridge Egg Farm. Duck eggs have rich and sweet yolks compared to a chicken's.

legs $16.99/lb
D'Artagnan. Skin-on Rohan duck legs. Pair with a tub of rendered duck fat to prepare duck leg confit at home. Frozen.

whole bird $7.99/lb
D'Artagnan. Air-chilled Rohan duckling without any added water, hormones, or antibiotics. Frozen.


semi-boneless $25.99/lb
Diamond H Ranch. Four semi-boneless spatchcocked quails per package. Frozen.

smoked pork & quail sausage $11.99/pkg
Texas Quail Farms. Each package comes with four sausages. Frozen.
  • Smoked Pork & Quail Sausage
  • Smoked Pork & Quail Sausage with Jalapeno and Cheese



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