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Bratwurst $6.99/lb
Sweet and savory, this classic German sausage with a Deep Cuts twist goes well with our house-made sauerkraut and locally baked brioche hot dog buns.

chorizo - bulk $8.99/lb
Classic red chorizo with our special blend of spices. With tortillas and eggs, you can make chorizo y huevos tacos.

kielbasa $6.99/lb
This savory Polish style  is a favorite to throw in the smoker or toss on the grill.
mild Italian $7.99/lb
Fennel forward; goes well with pasta and sauces, as well as peppers and onions.
rotating sausage flavors
Above is just a very small list of our house made sausages.
We like to rotate in an array of unique flavors, from Spicy Currywurst to Broccolini Cheddar

Wondering which sausages are in rotation this week? Give us a call!

Fresh Sausages


smoked bock cheddar beer brat $12.99/lb
Shiner beer, cheddar cheese, cracked black pepper. PROST!
smoked bratwurst $12.99/lb
Our twist on the German style sausage with a little bit of smoke.
smoked chili rojo $12.99/lb
Made with Mexican style guajillo chili red sauce.

smoked Italian $12.99/lb
Smoky Italian.

smoked Texan $13.99/lb
De-seeded jalapeno peppers and cheddar, smoked with hickory and mesquite.
smoked andouille $12.99/lb
This hot and tangy sausage makes a great addition to jambalayas and stews.


Smoked Sausages

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