We Are Meat!

We Are Meat! Deep Cuts Dallas Butcher Shop is a progressive take on an old tradition, a neighborhood butcher shop born out of a love of the craft and a passion for food. From day one, we have worked hard to source the very best meats from local farms that share our dedication to responsible animal husbandry and wholesome sustainable practices. We believe that our food community deserves an alternative and safe answer to factory farming. Your butcher is the conduit between you and the farms. We take the responsibility seriously. We take pride in our work, and in educating our guests that we may provide a truly memorable experience. You will not find anybody with our level of dedication or love for what we do. Thank you for helping us share our passion and continue the tradition of craft butchery!

Our Butchers

Our butcher Nathan Abeyta has been a butcher form many years. After apprenticing here in Dallas and working a few retail butcher jobs, he traveled the world to study with the experts of craft butchery. While traveling in Europe Nate earned a lot about his craft and about how those experts’ shops serve their own communities in special ways. 

Nate’s passion for food is evident in his fine smoked meats, handmade sausage recipes, artful terrines, and gorgeous charcuterie platters. As mentioned elsewhere in this ‘Our Story’ section, that passion also extends to the procuring of his meats. Nate carefully vets his suppliers with health, safety and animal welfare in mind. Most importantly, he wants to bring his customers the highest quality locally raised meats. 


Supporting these local ranchers, sourcing pasture-raised/free-range healthier animals and encouraging folks to seek out the finest quality meats for their meals is the goal of Deep Cuts Dallas Custom Butcher Shop. Once you’ve tasted the difference between what’s commercially available from a traditional grocer and what Deep Cuts Dallas offers, you understand why Nate’s made the effort to showcase products like HeartBrand’s Certified Akaushi Wagyu Beef. It has gorgeous marbling, Wagyu tastes amazing and it is a healthier choice. 

In conclusion, with community, quality and craftsmanship in mind; Nate Abeyta has sought to make Deep Cuts Dallas Custom Butcher Shop a weekly shopping destination for the families of North Dallas, Richardson, Plano and the Metroplex. Come and ‘meat’ the butcher himself. Ask for a recommendation for your dinner plans. He won’t ‘Steer’ you wrong. 

Butcher vs. Grocer

There are a lot of ways this conversation could go awry. It is not our intention to criticize any other operation. It is our intention, like any small business, to call attention to the fact that we bring a lot to the table that bigger stores just can not.

We are able to focus on one or two areas of expertise while a grocer has a greater scope of products they must carry. Because we can focus solely on the butcher's art, we are able to offer premium cuts, higher quality everyday meats and be much more selective about the products we bring in.

Our butchers are highly skilled and have specialized training. We maintain our equipment with zeal, preserving a level of cleanliness that no chain grocer could ever hope to maintain. Without a doubt, when you visit Deep Cuts Dallas Custom Butcher Shop, you will be impressed not only by our high standards, but also by the friendliness of our staff. We look forward to meeting you all!

Deep Cuts Catering

Deep Cuts Dallas Custom Butcher Shop offers a number of catering options which we customize to fit each individiual event. The examples of what we can do are so varied they are almost imossible to list here, but you can call or come in and speak with one of our butchers about setting up a menu for your event.

Just a few ideas: Order a Big Butcher Pack for your Grill Out or Tailgate party, a Full Service Micro-Bite Dried Meat and Cheese Platter for your Open House, or Free Roaming Chicken Dinners for 25 People.

Deep Cuts Dallas would love to help make your next event a memorable one.

Where Does The Meat Come From?

Humanely Raised Meats Are Better In Every Way

All-Natural, Hormone and Antibiotic Free

This goes without saying these days because it is the law now. We go the extra mile to ensure our vendors meats are a cut above anything you can source elsewhere. As we grow, so shall our list of partners. Our goal is to work with as many local sources as possible because supporting businesses in Texas is very important to us. After all we are a Texas business.

HeartBrand Beef

HeartBrand Beef is located in Flatonia, Texas. Ronald and Jordan Beeman are 4th generation cattle ranchers. They created HeartBrand Beef in an effort to revolutionize the beef industry by bringing exceptionally delicious Japanese Akaushi beef to American consumers.


Akaushi Beef is both tender and delicious. The Beeman's explained to us that Akaushi is a very unique breed of cattle and that it is one of the healthiest sources of protein you can eat. HeartBrand produces source-verified Akaushi beef under religious quality guidelines and certified product testing.

HeartBrand is involved in every step of the process, from ranch to table, ensuring their beef is both the best-tasting in the world and the healthiest beef you'll ever eat.


44Farms is in Cameron, Texas and has been operating since 1909. We visited their property and had amazing time learning about the stock they raise. The McClaren's have lived in Milam County, Texas for four generations. They raise all natural Black Angus cattle and sell USDA Prime and Choice. They believe that steak is only as extraordinary as the practices that bring it from pasture to plate. That spirit of innovation and commitment to quality is why we are proud to partner with them and carry their exceptional product.

44 Farms participates in the RightWay Program which is a 12-point animal welfare and stewardship protocol they require for a steak to bear the name 44 Farms. It is how they do their part to responsibly strengthen America's food systems, nurture a healthier world, and bring the public the finest, truly all-natural steaks available.

We are proud to work with these vendors who are committed to harvesting cattle that will never be subjected to hormones, antibiotics or feed additives.


RegalisTX is located in Downtown Dallas. They provide some of our specialty and dry goods. We source cured meats, cheses, olives and premium meats like Heritage Berkshire Pork and Sakura Pork from the folks at RegalisTX. We are very proud of all the high quality items RegalisTX has brought us. 

They share not only our focus on quality and tradition, but out commitment to sustainability. The food industry is one of the most immense systems on the planet. Thus it is as important to take care in protecting it just as we have learned to care more about the quality of what we feed our bodies. RegalisTX and Deep Cuts Dallas share commitment to this philosophy as well as having open honest relationships between vendor and store to better serve the most important people: you, our customers. 

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